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PowerCLI 6.5.1 Yayınlandı

Vmware PowerCli

New Features First and foremost, the largest update to this version of PowerCLI is regarding how the installation process has changed. As of this release, you no longer have an MSI file to download and install. You can now install PowerCLI directly from the PowerShell Gallery! This update streamlines the …

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vCenter Server 6.5.0c Yayınlandı

Vmware Vsphere 6.5

Vcenter 6.5 in yeni güncelleştirmesi 6.5.0 c yayınlandı. What’s New The vCenter Server 6.5.0c release addresses an Apache BlazeDS security vulnerability documented in the Resolved Issues section. Resolved Issues VMware vCenter Server contains a remote code execution vulnerability due the use of BlazeDS to process AMF3 messages. This issue may …

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VSAN 6.6 Duyruldu

vSAN 6.6

vSan üzerindeki yenilikler devam ediyor.Vmware’in kendi açıklamalarında önceki sürümlerden daha çok özellik,hız,güvenlik ve maliyet getirisi sağlanan bir paket olarak yayınlandı. Gelen yenilikler temel olarak vSAN Encryption – Datastore level encryption in a dedupe/compression efficient way Local Protection for Stretched Clusters Removal of Multicast ESXi Host Client (HTML-5) management and monitoring functionality …

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VMware vCenter Server 6.0 Update 3a Yayınlandı

Vmware Vsphere

Merhaba, Vmware Vcenter ürününün güncel versiyonlarından olan 6.0’ın yeni güncelleştirmesi olan 3A yayınlandı. Güncelleştirme ile birlikte gelen özellikler ; What’s New Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol: Support for TLSv 1.0, TLSv 1.1, and TLSv 1.2 are enabled by default and configurable for vCenter Server 6.0 Update 3. VMware Syslog …

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VMware Horizon 7.1 Yayınlandı

Vmware Horizon

Merhaba, Vmware in Masaüstü ve uygulama sanallaştırma yazılımı Vmware Horizon’un yeni versiyonu 7.1 yayınlandı.   Download  What’s New in This Release VMware Horizon 7 version 7.1 provides the following new features and enhancements: VMware Blast Extreme Extra mouse buttons such as the back and forward buttons on Logitech MX620 are …

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vCenter Server 6.5.0b Yayınlandı

Vmware Vsphere 6.5

Merhaba, vCenter 6.5 için yeni bir güncelleştirme yayınlandı yayınlanan güncelleştirmeyle gelen yenilikler ve düzeltmelerle ilgili detayları aşağıdaki linklerden görebilirsiniz. What’s New This release of vCenter Server 6.5.0b delivers a number of bug fixes that have been documented in the Resolved Issues section. Updates to time zones in the Linux Guest Operating System …

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Vmware vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 Yayınlandı

vRealize Operation Manager

Merhaba, vRealize Operations Manager ‘ ın yeni versiyonu 6.5  bugün itibariyle yayınlandı. Gelen yenilikler ve pach notları   Download : Link What’s New? vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 focuses on enhancing product scalability limits and troubleshooting capabilities. Additional monitoring capabilities Adds ability to increase memory and increase the scope of monitoring …

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