Nutanix AOS 4.6.1 Yayınlandı


Nuntanix AOS 4.6.1 and Prism Central 4.6.1 Yayınlandı  4.6.1 ile gelen yenilikler ve düzeltmeler

Prism Web Console Support for 1-Click Minor Release Upgrades for ESXi Hosts – With AOS 4.6.1, customers can now patch hosts by uploading the offline bundle and md5sum checksum available from VMware and by using the Prism Web Console Upgrade Software feature.

Tech Preview Features

In-Place Hypervisor Conversion – This 1-click feature available through the Prism web console allows you to convert your cluster from using ESXi hosts to using AHV hosts. Guest VMs are converted to the hypervisor target format, and cluster network configurations are stored and then restored as part of the conversion process.

Prism web console yardımıyla tek tuşla clusterlarınızı ESXi host tan AVH host çevirebilirsiniz. Guest VM ler hypervisor target format çevrilmiştir. Cluster network ayarları saklanıp ve dönüşümden sonra tekrar yüklenmektedir.

Acropolis File Services – Provides file server capability within a Nutanix AHV cluster, as one or more network-attached VMs, to form a virtual file server.

Nutanix AHV cluster ile tek ya da birden fazla network e bağlı VM lere virtual file server  desteği  verebilmektedir.

What’s New in Prism Central

Prism Search – Previously a tech preview feature. Intelligent, keyword-based search across your Nutanix cluster for improved access to information in the web console. Click the magnifying glass icon (known as Spotlight search) to display a search page, which provides query options and information about entities (cluster, VM, host, disk, or container) and operations across clusters.

Dashboard Customization – Previously a tech preview feature. Management and customization of dashboard views for information around infrastructure resources, such as VMs, clusters, hosts, disks, containers, and so on.

Capacity Forecast – Previously a tech preview feature. The Capacity tab displays current and historical usage information and provides capacity resource tools It calculates the runway – time until the capacity (CPU, memory, and disk space) runs out. The user can select the runway threshold to trigger an alert.

Capacity tabı altında anlık ve geçmiş kullanım miktarlarını ve kaynak kapasiteleri nin tükenemesine kalan süreyi hesaplıyabilmektedir.  (CPU, memory, and disk space). Kullanıcılar bu kapasiteleri için üst limit alarmı ayarlıyabilmektedir..

Note: An optimal experience with the Capacity Forecasting and Planning feature requires synchronization of historical statistics between Prism Central and a managed cluster. As these statistics might be incomplete for a recently-upgraded cluster, Nutanix recommends you wait six to eight hours before registering the cluster with Prism Central.

Not:  Capacity Forecasting and Planning için optimal sürenin hesaplanmasi için Prism Central ve yönetim clusterı arasında geçmişe ait bir senkronizasyon yaratılmalıdır. Yeni  yükseltilmiş cluster lar da Nutanix tavsiyesi cluster lar Prism Centrala kayıt edilmeden önce 6-8 saat arası beklenmesi yönündedir.


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